Frankonia The Breadhouse are an artisan bakery who normally serve wholesale customers and members of the public who buy directly from our bakery. Due to the current covid-19 lockdown conditions we have opened a shop at the bakery selling breads, pastries, muffins, fruit and veg boxes plus some other treats.

We have also introduced an online home delivery service in our local area. This is to help people who are self-isolating, are vulnerable, or cannot make it along to the bakery shop at this time. We really want to help the community as much as we can to ensure that you can still get lovely breads and treats.

Please read the following Q & A section where you may find answers to question you may have about our service.

When will my product be delivered?

Your box will be delivered between 07.00h and 15.00h, Monday to Saturday, on the nominated day of delivery. You will be told which delivery day at time of ordering.

Our driver will ring the doorbell/knock, leave the box on the doorstep and step back 2 metres. They will not ask for a signature due to social distancing protocols.

If there is no answer, they will leave the box on your doorstep, or your designated safe place and take a picture as proof of delivery. Once the box is delivered to your address it is no longer our responsibility.

Can you guarantee a delivery time slot during the delivery day?

No. We will assume that someone will be there to take the box.

How will my products be delivered?

Your products are delivered loose in an open box with a paper covering. There will also be a sheet containing ingredient and allergen information. These details are also available on our website.

Can I freeze the bread?

All our products can be frozen and used at a later date. Please store inside a freezer bag, seal tightly and place in freezer. For best results freeze on the day of delivery.