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Artisan Loaves

  • Rustic Sourdough, 1kg or 2kg 48 hr fermentation, made with Wild farmed Organic Flour. 3 days notice required
  • Artisan Sourdough 400g, 800g, 350g Baguette or 250g Boule Contains a little bit of rye flour and has a more closed crumb.
  • 24 hour ferment Baguette 300g Made with Wildfarmed Organic Flour,
  • Malted Seed Bloomer 400g or 800g Packed with seeds and flavour. Lots of omega 3!
  • Nordic Loaf 450g Dark in colour made with made with wholegrain, sunflower seeds and oats. Baked in a tin
  • Pure Rye Sourdough 650g Made only with Rye flour, fairly tight crumb, baked in a tin
  • Irish Soda Bread 550g Made with a mixture of wholemeal and white flour and buttermilk.
  • Olive and Rosemary Sourdough 400g
    Made with a mixture of green and black olives.
  • Fig Fennel and Raisin Loaf 400g Made with a combination of wheat and rye flour. Lovely sweet flavour; perfect with cheese
  • Ciabatta 350g traditional Italian slipper bread, made with wheat flour
  • Focaccia 400g round, 2kg slab Perfect for dipping into olive oil or for making a fabulous sandwich. – Also available with Rosemary.
  • Brioche Made with butter and a slow fermentation to maximise flavour
  • Viennese Bloomer 400g or 800g Classic white bloomer, also available in a Farmhouse tin (850g) 
  • Wholemeal Bloomer 400g or 800g Classic wholemeal bloomer, also available in a Farmhouse tin (850g)
  • Granary 800g Bloomer or 850g Farmhouse Classic granary bread with a lovely crunch and wholegrain – Also available as a Baguette 350g
    Baker folding dough

    Sandwich Products & Burger Buns

    Sandwich Tins

    • Viennese (white)
    • Wholemeal
    • Granary
    • Malbran (darker version of granary)
    • Artisan Sourdough
    • Beetroot
    • Light rye with caraway seeds
    • Sundried Tomato
    • Viennese with Onion
    • Spinach

    All sandwich tins are 800g, available in thin, medium, thick or laterally sliced.

    Looking for a flavour that isn’t listed? It is worth asking us to see if we can make it for you. Minimum quantities will apply.

    Sandwich Rolls

    • 24 hour fermentation sourdough 9 inch stick, 120g
    • Ciabatta Roll 120g
    • Focaccia Roll 120g
    • Plain Bagel
    • Sesame Seed Bagel
    • Mini Bagel
    • Ultra mini bagels available please call for details
    • Wholemeal Bab 4 inches
    • Giant Pretzel 180g
    • English Muffins (4)
    • Crumpets (6)

    Burger Buns and Hot Dog Buns

    • Burger Bun Floured top, 80g and 50g

    • Brioche Burger Bun glazed top, 20g, 40g and 80g

    • Brioche Burger Bun with Sesame top, 20g, 40g, 80g

    • Ultra mini Brioche available, please call for details

    • Hot Dog Bun 80g floured top

    • Brioche Hot Dog Bun glazed top 70g

    Traditional Box
    Bloomers coming out of the oven after baking on a large tray, golden brown
    Olive & Rosemary Dinner Rolls On A Board

    Dinner Rolls


    All rolls are 40g, part baked and available in multiples of 25. 


    • Mixed seed
    • 24 hour fermentation rustic white
    • Wholemeal
    • Fig Fennel and Raisin
    • Olive and Rosemary
    • Artisan Sourdough

      Breakfast & Treats


      • Croissant, regular and mini
      • Pain au Chocolate, regular and mini
      • Almond Croissant, regular and mini
      • Pain aux Raisins, regular and mini
      • Cinnamon and Orange Brioche regular


      • Luxury plain scone
      • Luxury fruit scone


      • Blueberry

      • Chocolate

      • Apple crumble


      • Coco Butter shortbread

      • Plain shortbread

      Available as fingers or small round discs

      Ordering Rules

      We deliver Monday to Saturday. Orders should be placed 48 hours in advance by 4pm.

      All orders for delivery Monday and Tuesday should be placed on the preceding Friday. This includes orders for Bank holidays.

      Our office is closed over the weekend and on Bank holidays; therefore orders cannot be placed, amended or cancelled during this time.

      Nationwide delivery is available. Please contact our office for further details.



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